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Final post!

My blog has moved to squarespace. One, because I can put ads on it and maybe make a few pennies. And two, because Squarespace is the most amazing blog software ever. I paid for a squarespace site and my second site when I upgraded to a squarespace 6 site became free for me, so now I have a space for a fanfiction blog. I was obviously elated. But it is a paid service though so I'm closing all my idle blogs and concentrating just on it. I need to make it worth how much I pay for it.

The new fanfiction blog. http://strangeseraph.squarespace.com

My poetry and original writing blog. (plus occassional looks at my garden!) http://www.strangeseraph.ca

I'll be keeping this account though, so I can post to other livejournal blogs and communities.

Fic: Coming Unravelled

OMG! I thought I'd posted this! YIKES! Here's the final part of my fic! Its too big for me to post in one post so I have to link to my archive page, sorry!

Title: Coming Unravelled
Rating: M
Pairing: Garak/Bashir (Slash)
Spoilers: Takes place after Tangled. Fourth and final part in my Loving In Stitches series, (prologue forthcoming) which you can find all four parts to at my own LJ blog.
Summary: Garak's past finally unravels and he must confront a terrible truth.
Beta: No beta yet. :(

Click me! http://archiveofourown.org/works/280955


Fic: Tangled

Title: Tangled
Rating: M
Pairing: Garak/Bashir (Slash)
Spoilers: Takes place after Broken Link. Part three in my Loving In Stitches series which you can find all three parts to at my own LJ blog.
Summary: Garak enters counselling as part of his rehabilitation, and Julian tries to decide where his feelings are.
Beta: No beta yet. :(

~I'm terrible at writing sex even on the best of days, so I didn't even try. I may go back later and make it more explicit. But because sex is hinted at its rated M, I didn't know what to rate it so better safe than sorry. Another part will be coming after this one. Maybe a final epilogue as well. Yay!

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Story Spinner

Title: Story Spinner
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Garak/Bashir (Friendship. Pre-slash.)
Spoilers: Takes place after Broken Link. Sequel to Chain Stitch
Summary: Bashir responds to an emergency and Garak weaves him a story of lies, deceit, and some painful truths that are hard to ignore.
Beta: No beta yet. :(

This is a different tone of story from Chain Stitch, so I'm not sure they really go well together as a series, but I started this intending it to be a sequel. But it could stand alone.

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Fic: Chain Stitch

I've decided to use my blog to post my fanfiction. Well, maybe just Star Trek fanfiction. I'm not really interested in writing anything else anymore. So please enjoy! (Reposted from the doctor_tailor livejournal group)

Title: Chain Stitch
Rating: PG (I’m really not sure if that’s right. Nothing adult in this though.)
Pairing: Garak/Bashir
Spoilers: Takes place the day before “Broken Link” (Season 4)
Summary: While embroidering, Garak makes plans for his future life with Julian.
Beta: Um, I have no beta. I’ve never had a beta before. :( Volunteers?
Disclaimer: Paramount owns Julian and Garak and the whole Star Trek everything. *weeps*
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Been awhile since I posted...

I'm not much of a blogger, and my online sites and activities have become a bit scrambled. All my writing, of course, can be found on fanfiction.net under the username strangeseraph, and I update everything there. Its hard to remember to post here once and awhile.

Interested lately in star trek EVERYTHING! Especially TNG and DS9! I love Data, and I'm a big Bashir/Garak shipper!

Um what else? I dunno. Maybe I'll post something here that I write, and direct to my fanfic page. Or maybe I'll leave fanfiction.net forever and just post here? I'm getting annoyed with fanfiction.net.

I Write Like Dan Brown! :O

I write like
Dan Brown

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Hogwarst House Quiz! ^_^

Which house did they expect I'd be sorted into? :P

i'm in slytherin!

be sorted @ nimbo.net

Once again sick, and I'm SICK of it.

I really hope I get well soon. Everything tastes nasty. Even my favourite chai tea. :( I hate being sick. I hate the shakes I've been getting and how weak I feel.

Healtho returneo!


Which Religion Are You?

You Should Be An Atheist

So it's not really a religion. But that's the whole point.

You don't buy into the whole God thing... or you just don't care.

You may feel very alone in a world full of religious people.

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