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Final post!

My blog has moved to squarespace. One, because I can put ads on it and maybe make a few pennies. And two, because Squarespace is the most amazing blog software ever. I paid for a squarespace site and my second site when I upgraded to a squarespace 6 site became free for me, so now I have a space for a fanfiction blog. I was obviously elated. But it is a paid service though so I'm closing all my idle blogs and concentrating just on it. I need to make it worth how much I pay for it.

The new fanfiction blog. http://strangeseraph.squarespace.com

My poetry and original writing blog. (plus occassional looks at my garden!) http://www.strangeseraph.ca

I'll be keeping this account though, so I can post to other livejournal blogs and communities.